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Over 20 years of experience

Peschel Communications has been a dedicated language service provider for more than 20 years, with an emphasis on personal customer service, rigorous quality assurance and guaranteed punctual delivery. Our customers confirm that we meet and exceed their expectations.

Our qualified translators are more than just language experts — they are also specialists in a variety of different fields. We primarily translate texts in the areas of law, marketing, renewable energies, medicine,  pharmaceuticals and academic research. Many well-known businesses within these industries rely on Peschel Communications and on the quality of our services. We will be happy to send you references on request.

ISO 17100 certification

In areas where quality is particularly important, such as the legal, medical or pharmaceutical fields, stringent quality assurance and secure, confidential handling of customer data are crucial.

Our ISO 17100 certification and membership of QSD e.V., the German association for high-quality language services, reflect our commitment to quality. The ISO certification confirms that we comply with the international standard for translation service providers, covering every step from project preparation to the final quality check.

What our ISO 17100 certification means for you

  • Stringent quality management and compliance with stylistic guidelines for correct, consistent translations
  • Systematic implementation of the GDPR to ensure protection of your data
  • Strictly confidential handling of customer information above and beyond the requirements of the GDPR
  • Translations by native speakers with experience in the relevant industry
  • Quality control by a second member of staff — all translations are checked by qualified and experienced revisors
  • Compulsory regular training to promote continuing professional development for translators, revisors and project managers
  • Rigorous procedures ensuring meticulously produced translations and outstanding quality

Qualified specialist translators

Peschel Communications works exclusively with fully qualified translators. Our in-house team is supported as needed by a pool of carefully vetted freelancers, most of whom have been working closely with us for many years. We also make it a priority for all our staff to undergo regular further training.

All translations are carried out by native speakers

At Peschel Communications, every translation passes through two pairs of hands: the translator and the revisor. One of the two will always be a native speaker of the target language. This guarantees an impeccable translation which is sensitive to intercultural nuances and country-specific considerations.

Tailored project management

Translation is anything but a one-size-fits-all service. We tailor our project management so that we meet your expectations in every way. The project managers at Peschel Communications GmbH will gladly take the time to discuss your specifications and provide you with in-depth advice. We stay in close contact with you throughout the planning and translation process, and we’re always available afterwards if you have any questions or want to make any changes.

Services tailored to your needs

We create a dedicated style guide and terminology database for each of our customers. These can serve as binding specifications or as general guidelines to ensure consistent use of vocabulary and your company style. We can also refer to your existing glossaries and documents to maintain consistency.

Express service

With Peschel Communications, your translation will be ready when you need it. We accept even the most urgent jobs — regardless of the length and complexity of the texts. Our experienced project managers make certain that we can accommodate your needs, even when that means working with longer texts or tight deadlines.

Efficiency thanks to cutting-edge software

Peschel Communications works with industry-leading software for a faster and more cost-efficient translation process. This software, known as CAT tools, also promotes greater consistency in the use of specialist or company-specific terminology.

Certified translations

Beglaubigung einer Kopie mit Siegel

Courts, notaries, registry offices and other authorities generally require certified translations of foreign-language documents. And if you’re applying for a job abroad, you will often have to submit official translations of your certificates and references.

Peschel Communications can provide you with the certified translations you need. We are sworn translators for English, German, French, Italian and Spanish, and are able to provide official translations from and into these languages.


If you require your translation to be notarised or authenticated with an apostille from the district court, we can take care of this for you.

We regularly provide certified translations of:

  • Academic progress reports, enrolment certificates
  • Adoption papers
  • Certificates of good conduct, registration certificates
  • Certificates of no impediment to marriage
  • CVs, resumes and job applications
  • Divorce rulings
  • Driving licences, passports and other identity papers
  • Educational transcripts, internship certificates
  • Employment, marriage and purchase contracts
  • Financial documents
  • Medical findings, opinions and certificates
  • Membership certificates
  • Naturalisation papers
  • Official permits, certifications or approvals
  • Patents, court documents
  • Performance records, credentials, training certificates
  • Powers of attorney
  • Professional accreditations and certificates
  • References and letters of recommendation
  • Tax documents
  • Vital records, including birth certificates, death certificates and marriage certificates
  • Wills and estate papers

Desktop publishing (DTP)

Peschel Communications offers you comprehensive project management covering everything from the translation of your text to the print-ready document. Our graphic designer works closely with our translators to ensure that the final version looks just as good as the original.

Full Service

We consult with you to produce documents that are completely ready for printing and publication. Our full range of services with custom solutions minimises your costs and processing time.

Common DTP projects:

  • Ad design
  • Brochures and catalogues
  • Circulars
  • Flyers
  • Logo design
  • Packaging
  • Printed materials
  • Promotional articles and advertising materials
  • Publications
  • Sales displays
  • Signs, posters
  • Technical documentation
  • Trade fair exhibits
  • Website design


Translations, interpreting and other language services are often complex. This is why, our prices take into consideration factors such as the number of characters, language combination, technical complexity, turnaround time, required expertise and time.

Please request a quote for your project.

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