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Our team wouldn’t be complete without our pool of freelance translators and interpreters. For translations, we only use native speakers of the target language and ensure that all our freelancers have the qualifications and skills necessary to meet our high standards. By forging strong, lasting relationships with our freelance translators, we are able to guarantee consistently high-quality service for our customers.

Anja Peschel

Anja Peschel

Managing Director

Conference interpreting | Translation | Quality control | Editing | Terminology management
  • Degree in Conference Interpreting for English and Spanish
  • Court-Certified Interpreter and Translator for English
  • State-Certified Translator
  • Certified Terminology Manager
  • Working languages: German and English
  • Period of study in Westminster (London) and Brighton
  • Member of AIIC, BDÜ, VKD and DTT
Ellen Göppl

Ellen Göppl

Assistant Manager

Translation | Quality control | Editing | Interpreting project management

  • Graduate Translator for French, English and Italian
  • MBA (Marketing major)
  • Court-Certified Translator for French, English and Italian
  • Working languages: German, French, English and Italian
  • Periods of study in Toulouse and Perugia
Andrea Unkelbach

Andrea Unkelbach

Senior Project Manager

  • Graduate Translator for English and Spanish
  • Court-Certified Translator for English and Spanish
  • Working languages: German, English and Spanish
  • Periods of study in Granada
Noemi Alcaraz Juan

Noemi Alcaraz Juan

Project Manager

  • Native languages: Spanish and French
  • Working languages: German, English, French and Spanish
  • Graduate Translator for French and German into Spanish
  • MA Audiovisual Translation
  • Period of study in Saarbrücken
Steffen Itte

Steffen Itte

Project Manager

  • B.A. „Linguistics, Cultural Studies, Translation”
  • M.A. “Translation” and M.A. “Conference Interpreting”
  • Working languages: German, Spanish, English
  • Period of study in València/Spain
Jane Newbie

Pia Klenk


Quality Control | Terminology management

  • BA International Technical Communication and Translation
  • Working languages: German and English
  • Period of study in Manchester, England
Sarah Norman

Sarah Norman


Translation | Quality Control | Editing

  • MA Hons. Translation & Interpreting
  • Court-Certified Translator for English
  • Working languages: English, German, French
  • Study in Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Period of study in France
  • Member of BDÜ and ITI
Franziska Stumm

Franziska Stumm

Student Assistant

  • BA IberoCultura – Spanish Language, Literature and Culture and English and American Studies
  • Working languages: German, Spanish and English
  • Au pair in Cádiz, Spain


Office dog

  • Qualified destroyer of bones
  • Work-life-balance officer
  • Speaks many languages (but none that we do)
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