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Over 20 years of experience Peschel Communications has been working as a language service provider across many different industries for more than 20 years. Our specialist translators and conference interpreters know their way around the specific terminology used in the various industries. We offer you outstanding quality in every translation, because customer satisfaction is our priority.

Meticulous revision of every translation Our translations are always produced by a native speaker of the target language and revised by a second translator. This means we can guarantee idiomatic translations and outstanding quality.

ISO 17100 certification You don’t need to take our word for it — our ISO 17100 certification confirms the expertise of our staff and the professionalism of our processes. A rigorous approach to quality management ensures that all work is completed with meticulous care and the utmost confidentiality.

Use of the latest software To guarantee efficient and consistent translations for even the largest projects, we use special software which allows us to store a database of sentences (translation memory) and a terminology database. The software automatically detects passages which have already been translated or words which have been entered into the terminology database and suggests the appropriate translation.

Personal project management Your project is in good hands with our highly organised and dedicated team. Our experienced project managers are available to answer any questions and are happy to prepare a nonbinding quotation.

Certification If needed, Peschel Communications can offer you a certified translation. Our sworn translators are able to provide official translations from and into English, German, French, Italian and Spanish. We can also have your translation notarised if necessary.

Interpreting Our specialist interpreters have years of experience as well as industry-specific expertise and can facilitate communication at conferences and symposia or during business negotiations. We offer a comprehensive consultation to help you decide which mode of interpreting best meets your needs. We are also happy to book any technical equipment required.

Straightforward handling Peschel Communications gives you the greatest possible flexibility. For example, we can process a wide range of file formats including InDesign, PowerPoint and HTML. We also make things easy for you by delivering a translation that matches not just the content but also the layout of the original.

Guaranteed punctual delivery Peschel Communications offers more than just fast responses and fast processing. Precision, dependability, and adherence to deadlines are our top priorities. You can count on us for guaranteed punctual delivery.

Express service Our express service for urgent translations is just what you need when time is of the essence. We ensure that your translation will be ready when you need it, no matter how long or complex the original texts. Our experienced project managers make certain that we can accommodate your needs, even when that means working with longer texts and/or tight deadlines.

Confidentiality It goes without saying that we treat all of our customers’ documents and information with the utmost discretion. Staff at Peschel Communications regularly undergo training in how to handle confidential data. Our website gives you the option to securely transfer your data using SSL encryption. We can happily provide you with a non-disclosure agreement upon request.

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