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Scholarly work is the foundation of international academic dialogue. While English serves as a lingua franca, professional translations of academic texts or interpreting of presentations are often needed to ensure that the content is accessible to a global audience. The quality of the translation is important, particularly when the translated texts are to be published.

The key factors

Academic translation is often a challenging endeavour, as abstract concepts and hypotheses must be conveyed into languages which may express them very differently or lack specific terms, or where the equivalent terms already have a different meaning. Translators need more than just strong language skills — they must also be able to reproduce the content of the original without introducing any factual errors. Precise phrasing and a feel for the right style are also essential to ensure that the translated text is clear and comprehensible. All of this means that academic texts should only ever be translated by experienced specialist translators.

Peschel Communications employs specialist translators who are well versed in a broad range of academic disciplines and the associated formal requirements, language and structure.


The quality of a translation depends not just on precise phrasing and accurate reproduction of the original content, but also on the use of correct terminology. Every specialist field has its own terminology — which members of that field will expect to find in translated texts. A rigorous translation process is required to ensure that the terminology used is consistent and, above all, correct.

Peschel Communications offers you meticulous terminology management as part of the translation process. This includes the creation of terminology databases containing the specialist terms that are relevant for your translation so that they are used consistently in every language.

We will be happy to help you establish your preferred terminology. We can also create a style guide for you to ensure that all of your texts meet a uniform set of rules concerning language and layout.

Additional services

Peschel Communications offers stylistic editing and proofreading by qualified native speakers, regardless of whether any translation is required.

We can also optimise your texts for academic search engines and fully format them to ensure they are ready for printing. For specialist conferences and conventions, you can rely on our qualified interpreters.

We will make your project our own and support you with our full range of services as required.

Examples of academic translations that we provide include:

  • Abstracts
  • Academic publications
  • Analyses and studies
  • Course materials, e-learning content
  • Dissertations and theses
  • Essays
  • Expert reports
  • Lectures and presentations
  • Press releases
  • Research documentation
  • Research papers
  • Scientific opinions and articles
  • Specialist articles
  • Term papers, seminar papers and project reports
  • Textbooks

We work for

research organisations and institutes, science academies, universities, businesses and private individuals in the following fields:
  • Agricultural sciences
  • Art history
  • Communications
  • Earth sciences
  • Economics
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Environmental sciences
  • Healthcare
  • History
  • Humanities
  • Law
  • Literature
  • Medical ethics
  • Natural sciences
  • Philosophy
  • Political science
  • Social sciences
  • Sports science
  • Theology

References available on request

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