Translation is much more than simply putting words into another language.
This is why we always start by establishing your requirements and expectations. We provide technical, certified and express translations as well as transcreation of advertising texts.

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We hit the right note.
Depending on the type of event, we will convey your message in another language using simultaneous, consecutive, liaison or whispered interpreting techniques. We can advise you on the interpreting techniques and conference equipment that are best suited to your event.

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More services

Need a voice-over for your film or a written transcript of your sound recording? Looking to have a text edited or proofread? Or perhaps you’re interested in terminology management services or require assistance with compiling a style guide? If so, Peschel Communications is here to help.

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Multilingual communication in times of social distancing

The Coronavirus pandemic has upended the way we work and communicate. Face-to-face meetings of any size, from international conferences to business meetings, have been postponed or transferred to an online format. What happens if several languages are spoken at online meetings? Together with our clients, we have already developed and implemented some creative solutions:

Foreign-language soundtrack for your webinar

You send us a webinar recording and we will record a foreign-language sound track. This is conventionally done by transcribing the text, translating it and making a voice recording of the translation. Conference interpreters can perform all of these steps in one, listening, translating and recording simultaneously. This makes the process quicker and saves money. Here is an example of one of our recent projects.

Consecutive interpreting during video or telephone conferences

Hire a consecutive interpreter to facilitate multilingual communication via Zoom, Microsoft Teams etc. to translate between the languages segment by segment.

Simultaneous interpreting from a hub

Some conference equipment providers have set up interpreting hubs. These are studios where interpreters can go to translate a presentation or event transmitted to them via encrypted data lines.

Production of multilingual podcasts, videos and other media content

Interpreters have unique skills that enable them to provide fast, cost-effective solutions.


Would you like to add subtitles to your videos? We can help!

If you would like to discuss any of these options, please do not hesitate to contact us!