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UN Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations has set 17 goals for sustainable development. We at Peschel Communications are committed to these goals.

Through our work as a language service provider, we aim to contribute to achieving the following goals, and have taken positive steps in this direction:

As a female-led company, gender equality has always been part of Peschel Communications’ DNA. Peschel Communications promotes gender equality by providing employees of all genders with the best possible support to achieve a balance between employment and care responsibilities. This is done by offering highly flexible working hours and the option of working from home to encourage the shared responsibility for domestic care work.

Peschel Communications started translating for the photovoltaic industry over 20 years ago. From our first solar energy client, we have grown to become experts in other fields of renewable energy, such as geothermal power and storage technology. Our expertise enables us to contribute to target 7A, which is the international cooperation to facilitate access to clean energy research and technology, including renewable energy and energy efficiency. Our own electricity comes exclusively from renewable sources.

The translation industry is under severe price pressure. Despite all the advances in artificial intelligence, good – or excellent – translations still depend on the work of highly skilled linguists. But instead of rising, the fees paid to translators or post-editors (who correct machine translation output) have actually fallen in recent years. According to a Fairwork survey from October 2022, freelance translators working through online platforms have had to contend with poor working conditions and shrinking fees. Here at Peschel Communications, we see fair cooperation with our suppliers as fundamental to our business and our values. This includes paying a fair remuneration and supporting micro- and small enterprises.

Since joining the WinCharta initiative in 2020, we at Peschel Communications have been working consistently to become even more sustainable. This includes using 100% renewable electricity and conserving resources in everything we do. What’s more, our work as translators and interpreters contributes to education and information on climate change. Needless to say that our employees come to work on foot, by bike or by public transport.

A few years ago, we adopted a row of black currant bushes, lined with insect-friendly planting, to encourage local biodiversity.

And to limit the negative impact of our work, we use only environmentally friendly office supplies and materials.

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