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The qualified proofreaders at Peschel Communications will ensure that your texts are error-free. We can check your documents for grammar, syntax, spelling and punctuation.

In areas where quality is particularly important, such as the legal, medical or pharmaceutical fields, professional proofreading of your texts is highly recommended. The same applies to academic papers which you plan to print or publish. We can also proofread your cover letter and other job application documents.

In the medical field in particular, it can be advisable to commission not only proofreading but also an expert review of the content. Upon request, we can have your text reviewed by a qualified specialist in the field. From text optimisation to express proofreading, we provide comprehensive support for all your needs.

Stylistic editing

If you would like to have a text edited for quality of language, Peschel Communications has you covered. Our revisors can check the semantic details of your text and ensure outstanding stylistic quality. Since linguistic nuances can make a major difference, revision by an expert is highly recommended for advertising and brand communications in particular.

In English, German and other languages

We can edit texts written in English, German and other languages. Our native speakers will check the grammar and spelling as well as style and terminology in the languages of your choice.

Editing by native speakers

For native speakers, unusual sentence structures or turns of phrase can make a text sound clumsy. At Peschel Communications, your texts will always be edited by native speakers — guaranteeing you idiomatic and convincing texts.

Creation of style guides

Style Guides erstellen

Style guides lay down rules governing the language and design to be used in specific texts and documents, providing authors, editors, graphic designers, proofreaders and translators with a clear set of instructions to follow. Peschel Communications will discuss your needs with you and create a style guide tailored to your company or project. Setting out standards for formatting and language ensures a coherent brand identity. Ask us about compiling style guides for the languages used by your company.

What style guides can do for you

Style guides can include rules on:
  • phrasing and inclusive language
  • formatting and fonts
  • layout
Style guides provide templates and examples for:
  • the structure of texts for apps, websites, software and social media content
  • consistent corporate design
  • terminology
Companies can use style guides as a checklist for:
  • definitions, product descriptions and company names
  • colours and logos
  • translations, e.g. for German and English

Terminology management

Inconsistent use of language will cause confusion at best and can even lead to financial damage. Peschel Communications will work with you to establish your terminology needs before implementing the right project to meet them. These projects can range from simple glossaries to complex terminology databases.

Your custom terminology database

By creating a customer-specific database of terminology that is commonly used by your company, we help you achieve consistent quality across all of the languages you use. We can also assist you in establishing official company terminology or managing existing databases.

Your global corporate identity

Consistent corporate language not only ensures clear communication, but also conveys a professional image of your company and shapes the way it is seen by employees and everyone else. Especially in high-tech industries such as solar energy, multilingual terminology management is essential in order to strengthen your brand on the international market.

Incorrect terminology can cause significant financial damage — confusing terms in operating instructions or technical documentation can easily lead to misunderstandings or even accidents. In a contract or power of attorney, meanwhile, incorrect terminology can have serious legal consequences. Professional terminology management prevents these issues by ensuring clear, comprehensible language.

Lower costs

An effective terminology management system lays down preferred wording for the source text, too. This makes for faster and more consistent translations using your company terminology.

We regularly proofread the following texts in particular:

  • Academic articles
  • Advertising texts
  • Business correspondence
  • Dissertations and theses
  • Manuscripts and novels
  • Marketing materials
  • Patents
  • Presentations
  • PR texts
  • Scientific papers
  • University essays, term papers
  • Websites


Translations, interpreting and other language services are often complex. This is why, our prices take into consideration factors such as the number of characters, language combination, technical complexity, turnaround time, required expertise and time.

Please request a quote for your project.

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