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Audiovisual translation

Audiovisual translation
Audiovisual translation

Conquer the global market

Audiovisual translation is used for any content which has a visual and/or audio component as well as a linguistic element. The medium and intended purpose of your content will determine the best approach to audiovisual translation.
Audiovisual translations allow a global audience to access your content regardless of language barriers. You can translate anything from promotional videos to online training sessions in this way, conveying your message to an international audience.
Peschel Communications will find the best solution for your project, from training videos and webinars to short films and ads.


Studiomikro und Kopfhörer

Subtitling involves adding text to the images in your video file in order to reproduce the dialogue or explanatory voice-over without removing the original audio. In this way, you can make your video content accessible to a wider audience.

Subtitles in the same language as the audio are also becoming increasingly common. They offer advantages for mobile applications in particular, as they allow videos to be played without any sound.

The key factors

Creating subtitles requires more than just excellent language skills and intercultural sensitivity. Timing and readability must also be taken into account. Peschel Communications can create subtitles which carefully reproduce your message for the best possible results.

The first step in subtitling is to transcribe the audio content. The transcript is then translated into the target language by a qualified native speaker and subsequently edited for maximum readability.

The editing is guided by requirements concerning timing and character limits, among other things. For example, subtitle text should not exceed a certain length, to ensure that it is easy to read and does not obscure the image. The duration and speed of speech also play an important role. The subtitles need to match the pace of the speaker so that the right text is displayed with the right image. At the same time, they should remain on-screen for a certain amount of time so that viewers are able to read them.
It’s particularly challenging to create subtitles when the translation is much longer in the target language than in the original — a lot of extra work is needed to make sure the text fits the image. With all of this in mind, why not rely on the experienced translators and linguists at Peschel Communications?

What we can do for you

Subtitling is not just the best solution to present your content around the world, it’s also the most flexible approach, as the original audio is preserved. This means you’re perfectly equipped for an audience that speaks two different languages.
Subtitles also make for greater independence as they allow viewers to watch videos without sound. Even if they are unable to play audio or are watching in a noisy environment, your audience will still be able to enjoy your content in full.
Subtitling is an efficient way to reach a multilingual audience, which makes it the perfect solution for businesses with a limited budget as well as for larger companies looking for an inexpensive approach.


Voice-overs involve replacing the original audio with new audio in the target language. Unlike dubbing, where multiple speakers record the translated dialogue and try to match the timing of the original as closely as possible, voice-overs only use a single speaker. The original audio may play quietly in the background — as in interviews, for example — or be replaced completely.

Voice-overs are particularly well suited to informational content such as training and e-learning videos, where it’s less important to reproduce the speaker’s exact tone of voice.

Professional voice-over service

Peschel Communications will create a transcript of your video file and translate this into the target language. The translation will then be recorded by a professional voice-over artist who is a native speaker, taking into account the timing of the video material.
We can provide you with professional speakers who will give your message the perfect tone. We carry out the recording and editing together with our partner recording studio, enabling us to deliver the finished files in the audio or video format of your choice.

What we can do for you

Since a voice-over only requires a single speaker, it is highly popular as an inexpensive alternative to dubbing. Peschel Communications offers you a full-service package for your voice-over. You’ll receive a finished product to start connecting with your target audience straight away.

Interpreting for pre-recorded content

Dolmetschen von vorproduzierten Inhalten

Our interpreters can interpret your pre-recorded media content directly into another language. This approach is suitable for pre-recorded presentations, webinars, podcasts and videos where the audio is spoken freely rather than read from a script.

Simply send us the recording of your content and we will record new audio in the desired foreign language. Instead of the usual three-stage process of transcription, written translation and recording, interpreters can translate the content aloud and record it directly, saving you time and money.

What we can do for you

Interpreting is the perfect way to adapt your pre-recorded content for your target audience without losing any information in the process. Peschel Communications offers professional interpreting of your pre-recorded videos, webinars and presentations by our experienced interpreters.
Our expertise in interpreting guarantees you a faster and more cost-effective solution than the conventional method using written translation.

Subtitling and voice-over are often used for:

  • Ads
  • Audiobooks
  • Cartoons
  • Commercial videos
  • Documentaries
  • E-learning content, tutorials and video lectures, webinars
  • Films and film clips
  • Informational videos
  • Interviews
  • Lectures and presentations
  • Marketing content
  • News programmes and reporting
  • Podcasts
  • Product presentations and product videos
  • Promotional films
  • Short films
  • Software, apps
  • Testimonials
  • Training and induction videos
  • Video content
  • Video and computer games
  • YouTube clips and online videos


Transcription is the conversion of audio or video content into written form. Peschel Communications provides transcriptions of audio and video material in English, German and other languages, covering everything from legal proceedings to commercial content.

What we can do for you

Peschel Communications offers precise, professional transcriptions which meet your formatting and layout specifications. We can transcribe content such as webinars and online meetings so that your staff can read over what was said at any time. Our transcription service saves you valuable time and eliminates the need to take notes during the event. We can also translate your text into other languages at the same time — saving you time and money.

We regularly provide transcriptions of:

  • Interviews
  • Recorded meetings and video conferences
  • Recorded lectures, conferences and presentations
  • Telephone conversations for quality control
  • Telephone interviews for data collection
  • Webinars, video lectures and training videos


Localisation means translating content and adapting it to the cultural nuances of the target market to ensure successful marketing abroad. This approach is mostly used for video games, software and websites, but also for marketing material.

More than a translation

Localisation covers a great deal more than simply translating into another language. Symbols, names and music must also be adapted depending on the cultural meaning they will have for the target audience. This may also involve modifying colour palettes and fonts as well as units of measurement and spelling conventions.

What we can do for you

To help you reach your target audience, Peschel Communications guarantees localisation by native speakers of the target language who are intimately familiar with the relevant cultural nuances. This means you can be sure that your project will have the desired impact in your target market.

Peschel Communications offers comprehensive support for your project, from the initial consultation to the final product. We will be happy to localise your software, websites and marketing material.

Localisation is often requested for:

  • Advertising and marketing
  • Dialogue, texts
  • Graphics, animations
  • Multimedia content
  • Product presentations
  • Training sessions, webinars, e-learning content
  • Software, apps
  • Video and computer games


Translations, interpreting and other language services are often complex. This is why, our prices take into consideration factors such as the number of characters, language combination, technical complexity, turnaround time, required expertise and time.

Please request a quote for your project.

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