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Multilingual content marketing

Nov, 2021
Written and translation by Sarah Norman

Where translation and content creation meet


Nowadays, multilingual content marketing is an absolute must for every company that is active in various countries and markets. But is it possible to simply translate content? Here we will show you what you need to pay attention to and how translation and content creation go hand in hand.

Why do you need multilingual content marketing?

Content marketing is multifaceted and also involves many stakeholders: From the first draft of the strategy to the final print file, you need to find the right messages to bring about the desired effect. Still, even the best content won’t automatically be suited for international marketing. Countries and markets vary in terms of:

  • Cultural frameworks
  • The popularity of content and social media formats
  • The makeup and preferences of marketing personas
  • Services and products
  • Marketing strategies

What role do translations play in multilingual content marketing?

Marketing is all about appealing to emotions. Research has shown that we react  to emotions more strongly in our native language. But where can you find content for each language? Is translation the right strategy for multilingual content marketing? The answer is yes – but only if certain aspects are taken into account for the translation:

  • Cultural and linguistic nuances
  • Different wording for the same message, with the same effect
  • Appealing to emotions and the target group
  • Creative elements, such as wordplays, are adequately reflected
  • Potentially also incorporating SEO keywords into online content 

Is there an intersection between translation and content creation?

What exactly does this mean? Aren’t translation service providers supposed to keep cultural and linguistic nuances in mind anyway? Shouldn’t creative, catchy slogans be a given?  Of course the points listed above are relevant for all translations, but they play an even more important role here because content marketing depends heavily on emotion and creativity. In the end, it’s not just a matter of providing information but rather of winning people over!

What can you expect from your translation company?

This need to take creativity into account influences the quality of translations and also changes what is required of service providers. For multilingual marketing, it’s not enough that content is simply mirrored without any mistakes. Translating content involves much more – it’s about being able to write creatively, which means that you need to really understand content creation. And this is precisely where translation and content creation meet. You can and should expect the following from your translation company:

  • Creative, culturally appropriate, precise texts or recordings
  • Background knowledge of and experience with marketing and content creation
  • The ability to convey messages, along with the desired effect and emotion, into every language
  • When necessary, consulting on formats and content
  • Continuous strategic adjustments to texts and formats

Multilingual content marketing can take many forms – whether a flyer, an image brochure, website content, videos, blog posts, catalogues, product presentations or newsletters. Get in touch with us to make sure that you’re making a great impression in every language. We’re happy to advise you.

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