Advertising for international markets

Advertising can rarely be translated word-for-word into another language. Unlike very technical texts such as patent applications, translating advertising texts is about more than just conveying facts — it’s also about emotions.

Peschel Communications can adapt your marketing texts for the individual target markets, so that your advertising has the desired effect in every language.

Adapting your marketing texts to target markets

From advertising texts to audiovisual marketing content, we can adapt the translation of your marketing texts to your target market. Peschel Communications offers native-speaking translators who are intimately familiar with the specific culture and language of your target market.

International search engine optimisation (iSEO)

Peschel Communications can help you boost your website’s visibility. Our copywriters will optimise your content in terms of quality, structure and keywords.

Peschel Communications can also provide academic search engine optimisation (ASEO) for your academic texts.

Consulting on cultural adaptation

From jokes and puns to political and cultural references, translating marketing texts can be a minefield. What one cultural group finds humorous might be baffling or even offensive to another.

To ensure that your texts have the desired effect in the target language and culture, Peschel Communications offers translation of marketing texts by native speakers who are familiar with the culture of the target group. As language experts, we have the cultural understanding needed as well as in-depth knowledge of the linguistic specificities of the target market.

Support for your global marketing

Peschel Communications offers you a comprehensive range of services. We can help you develop texts that hit the mark in every language. With a multilingual website, you can tap new markets and accelerate your growth. We are your experts in language, culture and international marketing.

Creating style guides and glossaries for your markets

Peschel Communications can create a style guide covering points such as preferred spelling conventions and how to write out currencies, to ensure a unified brand identity across all markets.

Particularly in technical fields such as renewable energies or medtech, a style guide ensures consistency across multiple languages. Glossaries help produce clear texts by specifying correct terminology. This saves copywriters, editors and translators time — thereby saving you money.

We frequently adapt the following marketing materials:

  • Ads (online and print)
  • Apps, software
  • Blogs, SEO text
  • Briefings, pitches, presentations
  • Brochures, prospectuses, catalogues, flyers
  • Company profiles
  • Direct marketing materials
  • Email campaigns
  • Global marketing and ad campaigns
  • Mailing campaigns, newsletters
  • Marketing material for exhibitions
  • Press releases, PR texts, headlines
  • Promotional brochures
  • Promotional videos
  • Slogans, claims
  • Websites and web pages


Translation costs are generally calculated based on standard line prices (one line comprises 55 characters, including spaces). The price we charge per line always depends on the type of text, its complexity, the language pair, text length and timeframe. An additional stamping fee is charged for certified translations, and surcharges may also be applicable for particular file formats or express translations.

Proofreading, transcriptions, terminology management and similar projects are charged by the hour. Our voice-over prices cover the fees of both the speaker and sound engineer, as well as studio rental.

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