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Looking back on 2016

Dec, 2016
Written by Anja Peschel
Weihnachtshund 2016

2016 has been a good year for Peschel Communications. We completed more projects in a year than ever before, breaking our record with project number 1,000. We have our long-standing customers to thank for this, who have supplied us with a steady stream of translation projects. At the same time, we attracted some new customers from fields as diverse as education, law, logistics and medicine. As ever, it has been a privilege to enjoy such regular opportunities to get to grips with new topics. The time we invested in an application for a tender by the EU Commission has also paid off: We were awarded a contract with the European Commission this summer, and have been busy translating a wide range of demanding documents ever since.

Interpreting services were also in demand in 2016. Throughout the year, I have been travelling to and fro from supervisory board meetings, technical conferences, town hall meetings and television studios. The latter was a new experience after almost 20 years of working in conference interpreting – and I absolutely loved it!

But back to our Freiburg office:

While our translation team remained unchanged this year, some reshuffling was needed in the project management department following Lynn Kalic’s decision to leave this summer. Fortunately, Helena Triesch was well-equipped to take over seamlessly, having gathered extensive experience during her time with us as a trainee. Helena was up to speed and working efficiently alongside our Senior Project Manager, Andrea Unkelbach, in no time at all.
Let’s not forget our 2016 interns: Isobel Hamilton, Marieke Herbrechtsmeier, Mari Smith and Ann-Kathrin Krüger, who will be staying with us until the end of January. We found Mari Smith so great (and evidently the feeling was mutual) that she will be returning to Peschel Communications next autumn after completing an internship in Spain.

Escaping the miserable winter weather, our project managers enjoyed a trip to Barcelona at the beginning of December, where they attended a conference on translation project management. Andrea and Helena brought back a whole list of ideas; as well as a feeling of reassurance that the project management at Peschel Communications is already at a very high standard.

The rest of the team have also received their fair share of trainings on topics including CAT-tool usage, translating medical documents, terminology management, communication and time management.

Full order books in 2016 meant that we searched for – and found – some new freelance translators. Once we have checked their qualifications, we always start off by giving new freelancers relatively short assignments which are thoroughly assessed. This helps us to find out whether the translation quality meets our expectations, whether collaboration is constructive and whether the freelance partner is reliable. Over time, we develop very special personal relationships with our freelance translators. Without having these great linguists for support we would not be able to offer so many different languages, we would not be able to meet deadlines even when our internal capacities are used up, and we would not be able to successfully deliver large translation projects spanning several hundred pages.

But the moment has come for us all to take some time off and unwind. As ever, the coming year has exciting changes in store for us – we are looking forward to welcoming some new additions to our team!

On that note, my team and I would like to wish you happy, relaxing holidays and a great 2017!

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