We know from experience that every event and customer has very different needs.
As such, we can advise you on the interpreting techniques and conference equipment that are best suited to your event. If you wish, Peschel Communications will provide a complete package comprising skilled interpreters, sound transmission systems, receivers and interpreting booths.
We would be delighted to consult with you personally to decide on the most suitable interpreting technique for your event. You can also refer to this simple guide, which provides background information on how to work with our interpreters: How to work with interpreters (PDF, 116 KB)

Simultaneous interpreting

Interpreters work in sound-proof booths. Interpreters work in teams of two or three per booth and alternate. The interpreter’s voice is heard via headsets. Interpreters listen and translate simultaneously.

Benefits: minimal time delay; multilingual communication takes place in the background

Recommended for: conferences, specialist congresses etc.

Liaison interpreting

The interpreter translates sentences or paragraphs back and forth between two or several speakers

Benefits: the interpreter can mediate directly; no technical equipment required

Recommended for: negotiations

Consecutive interpreting

The interpreter translates once the speaker has finished, usually section by section

Benefits: audience questions can be translated immediately; no technical equipment required

Recommended for: events of up to 90 minutes, such as press conferences, company meetings etc.

Chuchotage or “whispered interpreting”

The interpreter is seated directly behind a maximum of two listeners and interprets simultaneously

Benefits: minimum time delay; no technical equipment required

Recommended for: short events with a maximum of two people who require translation

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Interpreting services are charged on an hourly basis for liaison interpreting, and a daily basis for conference interpreting. In addition to the actual interpreter’s fees, there may be additional costs for travel, accommodation, expenses, preparation time and project management fees. We will be happy to talk to you about how to arrive at the most cost-efficient solution for your event and advise booking as early as possible.

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