Written by Jacqueline Koch and Anja Peschel, translated from German by Anja Peschel

Remote Interpreting – Live Translation for Online Events

In times of crisis, creativity is of the essence: Social distancing rules mean that more and more events are being held in the virtual space. But what can you do if the delegates at your online conference or the participants of your virtual business meeting don’t all speak the same language?

Short conversations with a few participants, also known as remote interpreting, online translation or video interpreting, have been known to work for many years. Using telephone lines or online meeting platforms, interpreters translate in consecutive mode – bit by bit – back and forth between two languages. Where meetings with a large number of participants or the need to translate from and into several languages in simultaneous mode are concerned, a reliable bandwidth and professional conference equipment for remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI) are essential.

Interpreting hubs – dedicated studios for live translation – allow bringing an event including live interpreting online. Interpreting hubs are studios provided by conference equipment companies where conference interpreters can translate simultaneously in teams while observing current distancing rules. A number of hubs have already been set up and are available for rent even at short notice. Temporary hubs can be installed at event locations or on company premises.

Interpreting hubs – here’s how it works

The audience (passive participants) and presenters (active participants) can connect to the virtual event via their lap-top, PC or mobile device from anywhere in the world. Once they have joined, they can select their audio language, allowing them to listen to the language of their choice. Data security is ensured through password-protected access and encrypted transmission.

The interpreters are located at the hub, their special studio, where they receive the sound and video stream right into their interpreting booth. Their live simultaneous translation is then transmitted to the participants. Remote simultaneous interpreting from a hub is possible for live digital events with an unlimited number of participants and up to ten languages.

Benefits for event organisers

Thanks to remote interpreting, event organisers can move multilingual conferences into the virtual space. Live online translation from a hub makes planning and holding an international virtual conference easy:

  • Events where several languages are spoken and listened to can now be held online without compromising on quality.
  • The providers of interpreting hubs are at hand to help you plan the online event
  • Professional conference equipment and a stable bandwidth ensure the highest sound quality possible
  • The necessary equipment is located at the interpreting hub – no need to set up equipment elsewhere
  • A dedicated sound engineer at the hub ensures smooth operation
  • Excellent working conditions for the interpreters mean that they can provide the translation quality you expect
  • Conference coordinators are available to give technical support to participants and ensure that everything runs smoothly
  • Data and cybersecurity are ensured through password-protection and encryption
  • Less personnel, transport and setting-up time for interpreting booths saves costs
  • You can save on travel costs and expenses for interpreters and technical staff
  • Sophisticated live-streaming solutions open up new conferencing options
  • Any meeting format from panel discussions to breakout sessions is possible
  • Integration into your meeting platform means that participants do not need any special software


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