At conferences and board meetingsAnja Peschel beim Dolmetschen

Peschel Communications GmbH provides interpreters who hit the right note. From employee meetings to international sales meetings to scientific conventions, we can convey your message from one language to another. We work in accordance with DIN 2347, the standard for Interpreting Services – Conference Interpreting. You can also prepare for your event by referring to our guide to working with interpreters (PDF, 264 KB).

At negotiations and other discussions

From legal matters to business negotiations, interpreters make sure all parties can understand each other and nothing slips through the cracks. When it comes to business negotiations and product or company presentations, the extra information gained through interpreting creates real added value.

Organisation of multilingual teams

We have a handpicked network of highly experienced freelance interpreters, all of whom are personally known to us, in a vast range of language combinations. Choosing the right interpreters for your event will depend on criteria such as their experience in the relevant field and their specific suitability for the planned setting, as well as cost factors (based on the distance they will have to travel). It goes without saying that our interpreters will be thoroughly prepared for the subject matter of your discussion or presentation.

We can organise a team of interpreters for all of the target languages and coordinate both interpreters and technical equipment for your event. Thanks to our years of experience, we can offer event interpreting precisely tailored to all of your needs. We can happily provide you with references upon request.

Provision of interpreting equipment

It goes without saying that we will offer you a detailed consultation to help decide what technical equipment is best for interpreting at your event. Peschel Communications can help you to book interpreting booths and conference equipment or can take care of this for you completely. Whatever your needs, we provide comprehensive support.

If you are looking to book interpreting for a mobile event, or if the venue is unsuitable for interpreting booths, we will be happy to discuss alternatives such as tour guide equipment or remote interpreting from a hub.

Liaison interpreting and chuchotage

During business negotiations, interpreters translate short segments of speech directly between two or more business partners. Simultaneous interpreting can also be provided for very brief events or discussions. In this case, the interpreters are seated directly behind a maximum of two listeners and interpret quietly with almost no time lag.

Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting

Are you planning a conference and looking to offer interpreting? We know from experience that every event has unique requirements and every customer has different expectations. Peschel Communications will find the right mode of interpreting for you.

For example, consecutive interpreting is recommended for press conferences and assemblies lasting up to an hour and a half. The interpreters translate longer segments of speech, or wait until the speaker has finished before beginning to translate.

Simultaneous interpreting, meanwhile, is the best solution for events which last several hours and/or are held in more than two languages. Speeches are translated almost in real time for listeners to follow using headphones.

We can offer you a personal consultation to help you decide on the most suitable form of interpreting for your event.

Interpreters are used at the following types of events:

  • Bilateral talks
  • Board meetings
  • Business negotiations
  • Conferences, conventions and congresses
  • Court proceedings
  • Exhibitions and trade fairs
  • General meetings, works meetings
  • Guided tours
  • International product launches
  • Lectures and speeches
  • Multilingual events
  • Notary appointments
  • Panel discussions
  • Political and business negotiations and other discussions
  • Presentations
  • Press conferences
  • Sales meetings
  • Scientific symposia
  • Seminars, workshops, training sessions
  • Shows and galas
  • Telephone and video conferences
  • Town hall meetings

Anja Peschel has lent her voice to the following public figures:

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Interpreting services are charged on an hourly basis for liaison interpreting, and a daily basis for conference interpreting. In addition to the actual interpreter’s fees, there may be additional costs for travel, accommodation, expenses, preparation time and project management fees. We will be happy to talk to you about how to arrive at the most cost-efficient solution for your event and advise booking as early as possible.

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