written by Ellen Göppl, translation by Eliot Reiniger

Are you ready for the new medical device regulation?

The transitional period for compliance with the European Union Medical Device Regulation expired on 26 May 2021. One of its requirements is that information must be available in the local language.

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Written by Anja Peschel and Andrea Unkelbach

8 Questions for Andrea Unkelbach

Senior Project Manager Andrea Unkelbach is celebrating 15 years at Peschel Communications this year – the perfect occasion to ask her a few questions.

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Written by Dominik Schuler, translation by Eliot Reiniger

The WIN-Charta: Our commitment to economic, ecological and social accountability

By signing the WIN-Charta, we pledge to increase our sustainability and fulfil our exemplary role as a sustainable company. Read this article to find out what steps we are taking toward improvement.

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by Eliot Reiniger

The language of the pandemic

The pandemic has changed our lives and our language. These changes aren’t just reflected by a language itself, but also the associated culture.

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written by Anja Peschel

Looking back on 2020

Summarising the events of a year has never been this difficult.

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Guest contribution by Kiehlor Mack

“Fahrvergnügen” sounds echt German! … more German words that found their way into the English language

Two weeks ago, we addressed the topic of German words used in everyday English. In this blog article, we turn our attention to more specialized borrowings. We explore terminology used in scientific contexts, but also words used in advertising – a field in which inventing new, creative words is virtually part of the job description.

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Guest contribution by Kiehlor Mack

Playing foosball in the hinterland – Why German is not as foreign to English speakers as you might think

Sure, English words are sneaking into German dictionaries at breakneck pace these days, but German has made its 'deutsche mark' on the English language, too. For translators and interpreters who work between these two linguistic worlds, this commingling is important to be aware of. Read on to find out which words to look out for.

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Written by Jacqueline Koch, translation by Marnie Christensen

Synchronous interpretation, simultaneous translation or live interpretation – which is it?

Do you find the concepts of consecutive and simultaneous interpreting confusing? If so, then this is just the article for you. Read on to learn about the difference between the two and why there is no such thing as synchronous interpretation.

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Written by Eliot Reiniger and Mari Smith

Food, language and work-life balance – what it’s really like to work in Germany

Cultural differences are an important aspect for translators to consider. In this article, our translators Mari and Eliot talk about what it is like for them to work in Germany.

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Written by Ellen Göppl, translation by Eliot Reiniger

Accelerated approval: How urgently needed medications can be authorised for marketing more quickly

Since March of this year, if not earlier, the whole world has been watching the spread and further development of the coronavirus with bated breath. Many people are eagerly awaiting potential vaccines, for which some medicinal substances have already entered the pivotal trial phase. Remdesivir, an active substance which could potentially be used to treat COVID-19, has recently received conditional approval to be marketed in the EU. Read on to find out more about this.

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