Written by Julia Schnieder, translation by Mari Smith

An evening of reunions and fond memories

The Peschel Communications team was in celebratory spirits this September.

A glass of champagne to kick off the party

Peschel Communications was founded 20 years ago this year, and we marked the occasion in style. Many of the people who have helped us along the way, including former colleagues and interns, joined us for our anniversary party. Some had even travelled from far-flung locations to be there โ€” Oxford, Southampton, Munich and Berlin, to name just a few. They seized the occasion to visit their former home, relive fond memories of their time in Freiburg and swap stories over tapas and a glass of champagne.

Willkommen zurรผck โ€” welcome back!

The opening speech made it clear just how eventful the last 20 years have been, how many exciting and even curious things have happened. The management team used assorted objects to illustrate their personal highlights from the past two decades.

Colleagues old and new mingled happily together, and it was wonderful to hear whose paths had crossed over the years and to put familiar names to unfamiliar faces. Our location was Cabaรฑa, a cosy Spanish tapas bar in the heart of Freiburgโ€™s old town, just a stoneโ€™s throw from our offices.

With such a laidback atmosphere, itโ€™s no wonder the evening felt almost like a vast family reunion.

One pleasant surprise was the anniversary cake, which made a late-night appearance to round off the culinary delights.

We danced, talked and laughed into the early hours of the morning, but even the best nights come to an end and eventually we had to say goodbye โ€” until the next anniversary!