The translators and interpreters at Peschel Communications understand more than just the grammar and vocabulary that make up a language โ€“ they are familiar with the cultural background and possess detailed knowledge in various technical and scientific fields.
Here at Peschel Communications, we produce translations that are adapted to the culture of the target language, convey the intended register and style and reflect the background research that we conduct in each new topic area. You can also rely on our interpreters to ensure flawless oral communication at your conference or event.

You will receive personal customer care from staff who understand your project, consistent quality assurance and strict adherence to deadlines. Our DINย ENย 15038 registration and membership of QSD e.ย V. (German association of high quality language services) are an expression of our commitment to quality.

All translations are proofread by a second translator or proofreader โ€“ and each translator-proofreader team always includes a native speaker of the target language.

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Our services meet industry standards

We have held DINย CERTCO registration since 29.12.2006 under the number 7U121, which means that we perform translations in accordance with DINย ENย 15038 (PDF 48 KB).

Our CAT tool memoQ allows us to deliver consistent and precise translations.

We also use Plunet BusinessManager, one of the leading software-based management solutions for the translation industry.

We are a member of the QSD e.ย V. (Qualitรคtssprachendienste Deutschland e.ย V.)